The concept of concierge is not yet fully known and common in Poland. What is it means?
The concierge is nothing but the name of the profession a person who is your personal assistant.
However, this is not just an assistant who makes calls for you or small office tasks.
Real concierge can arrange everything for you, no matter what country you came from or in what language you communicate. It is a helping hand in a foreign country.
A personal assistant will provide you with support in various life situations – he will walk the dog, but also organize his transfer to Malaysia, when your contract in Poland is coming to an end.

Is the concierge really for everyone?
Concierge services are becoming more and more common. A much larger number of people are choosing this type of solution,
although still the leader among the contracting parties this type of services is provided by wealthy people. This service for those who value their time and they do not want to bother with different affairs.
Definitely, concierge service they are not expensive at all, if we pay attention to
how much they can offer. Contrary to belief, the concierge service is not very much
expensive goods, and what is able to offer us can sometimes be invaluable.
Those who use personal assistants can count on all kinds of help, ranging from very simple, mundane things to sometimes slightly eccentric ideas.
The price will be presented in the individual offer according to the customer’s needs.

Why the Tri-City?
Concierge is a profession that can be practiced anywhere. I chose this region because it is the closest to me. I know the Tri-City as my own pocket and it’s not just about interesting places that you can visit, whether you can eat well, but also about specialists who are worth going to when they need it.
Moving around the region that I know well, I can guarantee my client, highest standard
services from a given scope.

Why concierege?
The term assistant here does not match?
Historically the words “come des cierges”
in the Middle Ages, it meant a person responsible for keeping burning candles
in castle rooms, in French
“Concierge” means directly a caretaker, a manager, but has several intuitive meanings:
discretion, patience, courtesy, willingness to carry help to the others.
It is advisable to know
foreign languages and other cultures. Personal assistant usually only takes part over duties, but it does not do things seemingly impossible. Concierge… yes.

From what examples of services we can use, starting cooperation with concierge?
Service segments are divided into several sectors, including:

  • Business relations including: arrangement of meetings, MatchMaker investors, event organization, business representative.
  • Industrial and technical consultancy,
  • Personal and relocation services.

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