OK OK I will tell You that specific story… In me always was sunshine, true colors and huge smile…
in cloudy Europe founded as something different, not popular, not usual. It was making me look different.

In my soul always was reggae beat  and the rush of traveling to.. about travelling, tasting other types of meals, trying new scents and curiousity about people other cultures. Life is not a fairytale and dreams are not coming true by their own. You need to help them come true.

While my life became another circle spanned by stress,sickness and suggestions of the doctor .. so maybe you would prepare your own testimony.. and final medical examination showed She is suitable for the way forward so I did walk ahead in MY life..

I made my next dream came true. Decision taken spontanously about dreamed trip to Caribbean Island, Jamaica. Crazy idea could seem. Total residency on fairytale Island during few trips took more than 2months …. It changed everything. It changed me.

For first sunny trip we went together with my son Hubert, 8 years old those days, wonderful companion and travel companion. We found out that he was the youngest participant in this type of expedition. As a mother i am proud of him and many wise les sons He took from this trip.

As a guide we met polish passionate of that Caribbean region and resident in Jamaica, who in 16days showed us this beautiful natural land in specific pill and thought us about places as amazing as safe.

We had chance to know plenty of charming places and varieties of this land, far from 5stars resorts. We spent the basic time in calm friendly village, living everyday life with local citizens. Up today we are still in contact with many of them.

What delighted us so much it was NATURE, versatile, white sands and black sands of the Jamaican beaches, the Black River took her name from color of the water reflecting the paint from black minerals on her bottom, eight rivers city Ochio Rios with its incredible waterfalls Dunns River Falls, running to the ocean, you can climb on them if you wish.
In huge humid botanic garden Hope Garden in Kingston we met colorful parrots pitting on the trees, we spot amazing flower blooming in rainbow colors and fruits with theirs strange shapes and names. We had walked in area of Blue Mountains, picturing as holding sky with its velvetly green plants.

We drove that island from southern point till northern bank, by right well car. We had stopped in Mountain, sleeping in Mount Edge guest house glued to the rock where the Pinny wallys putts us to sleep.

We had opportunity to know from inside Rastafari culture and thanks to locals we were allowed to visit theirs Rasta Camp on one top of mountain and got link how they are living there far form Babylon city lights, full of crime.

We were guided on extensive area of natural farm with growing everywhere, left and right side of the road various herbs, plants, which The multitude of names can not be remembered, knowing bushes of aromatic coffee from Blue Mountain, with fruits and vegetables which we didn’t see yet, expecting to try soon theirs taste. We made stops very often next to roads mobile shops to buy some of them.

In the next miles we were wetting by heavy rain driving to beach in Port Antonio, to be dryied in next 15minutes in sunshine, showing direction to Port Royal and footprints of Pirates of Caribbean.

On the Road to Blue Lagoon where is located Lake with calcium ground and emerald color water, there was taken movie with that title, about adventours of Agent James Bond.

During next stop in Boston Jerk Pork Center we tasted jerk chicken made on grill due the regional tradition receipt.

What a miracles the fields were densely packed of pineapples growing straight from ground,  surprising me, because I was sure that they grow naturally on the trees.

Jamaicans are unusual society, very talented in artistic and music, very creative because of needs and willing, open and friendly for people visiting theirs land…. mostly.

In village that we made our base, in safe place in southern part of the Island, St Elizabeth parish, Treasure Beach, locals created mixture of all colors of smile of the World. They were greeting us joyful sonorous dialect patois „Waa Gwan?” [how are you, what going on?].

To stay in Jamaica you need to be prepared. The inhabitants have so little material and they enjoy so much, they have nature, the sun … they are able to enjoy every moment, every little thing, they smile, they joke, they give each other attention and respect, the heat is spent in the beach bar , cool with cold beer RED STRIPES. Evenings go by in the dominoes, and the sound of the cube striking the table top as if hammering hits, spreads out loud
in the neighborhood.

Despite the fact that every day there is a kind of struggle for survival, from the situation
of lack of water in the tap and drain, to the heat and drought, sometimes excess rain and tornadoes, weak currency depending on the capricious USA, to mosquitoes that activate their activity twice in 24 hours – About 6rano and 6pm.

Helpful on the bite is aloe or healing rum overproof from the local factory APPLETON, used outside but often from inside often helps  we know because we were checked. The natives live mainly from tourism, handicraft sales, beautiful sculptures from the scented Lingnum Vitae, or beads in shades of rasta.
Just to sit on the beach in the shade of palm leaves, for the company of tiny lemon crabs running across the sand at your feet and more than one of the natives. Just a board, hands, mug, sense of humor and heart … and then a text about a life rattled in reggae … .. in the rhythm of heart beat.

Reggae King – Bob Nesta Marley has thousands of successors here. Everyone records their reggae music and sells uncensored own CDs on the street. Music is everywhere. You open the door to the store – reggae, you get into a crowded taxi – so crowded, because the driver will take every customer encountered on the way and pack into the car as many passengers as his wonderful car. And there you can also hear the reggae. You go to the bank – reggae, to the pharmacy – reggae, you open the fridge …  and there smoothie from the fruit soursoup …. delicios.

I remember how amazing it was for me to see a car in the Black River town with such large speakers in the back seat and huge speakers on the roof. It was a moving, loudly playing monstrous box was not strange to passers-by.

I was fascinated. I felt Dubu’s beats and my legs and hips started to dance.
And I knew for sure, this is my place on earth. Smiling and fluttering at the rhythm, the girls here were dressed in colorful, shiny, beautifully-framed hair, each in a different style, and wearing the long dreadlock natives. What else do I remember from the Black River … crocodiles sunbathing in the sun in the courtyard of the buildings, recommending a boat trip to Pelican Bar located in the middle of the bay. Set in a shallow wooden structure with a long pier and a grilled fish for an afternoon meal. You can admire the extraordinary sunsets … sometimes also the sunrise. Luckily, the dolphins play their way towards the shore.

I would recommend this lovely place …. An exotic country, a remote country where time flows differently. Jamaica time begins when the plane landed and ends before another flight. What in the world is a surprise, you can not plan with a watch in hand, Jamaica itself brings you what you need.

Depending on what you bring in and what you are looking for. It gives difficult lessons.
I know that sounds unusual, but that’s the way it is. We go back with unforgettable moments, beautiful impressions, a new look at the old world .. Jamaica calls and always wants to return to this island … but never the same as before.

Jamaica is not a fairy tale? This impression makes. It’s an island of colors, flavors, flavors
and … vibration sounds. Count every moment, not always what you see is that,
what seems to be Like a glass kaleidoscope, like a box in a box..I need to be very vigilant because you can find yourself. YES I, ONE LOVE!

If you feel this is your direction, I invite you to contact me
and on your own expedition into yourself,
breathe the sunshine and culture of Jamaica.
T: 504 395787