Alicja K. Bocheńska

Master of Science in Chemistry and Environmental Protection, CEO of VIPS CONCIERGE

In my work, I combine the knowledge and experience gained so far with a positive attitude, which makes it easier for me to establish relationships with key clients.

I feel comfortable at work and in an international and multicultural environment. I have extensive substantive knowledge in the field of negotiations, sales, as well as project management, team management and organization of business events. Thanks to a wide network of contacts maintained for many years, I successfully act as a business concierge and personal assistant.

My numerous travels have contributed to the development of practical knowledge of English, Russian, Italian, as well as cooperation with various types of personalities and nationalities. In my work, I often experience and learn about cultural differences.

I am constantly expanding my horizons, I am eager to learn from friends and clients, I am focused on looking for non-standard solutions.


Where did the idea of the concierge profession come from?

From the beginning of my professional career, I worked as a specialist, and later as a trade and marketing director in several companies. I have always performed the role of personal assistant to the president of the company, foreign clients or Polish partners in the field of design and operation of industrial equipment.

At the same time, I organized trainings, product presentations, trade fairs or trips to reference facilities and integration events for partners, so naturally I was a business concierge for the previous years of my professional work. Intercultural contacts in the Tri-City and the help of a business assistant in organizing everyday tasks made me realize that this is my role, my profession. Which I like very much.
A discreet assistant for special tasks.

The awareness that more and more often we have little free time for ourselves makes customers respect every free moment and they need someone to help them plan their day-to-day affairs. Verifies millions of offers. On the other hand, our VIPS clients appreciate the opportunity to experience exceptional moments, fulfill their dreams, pursue their passions and give themselves and their loved ones something special and unique.

And I have such an offer….


Extensive experience and the cooperation with our customers has resulted in a number of successful and lasting relationships.