If you value your time, this dedicated offer is perfect for you.

VIPS CONCIERGE – Your personal business and personal concierge, he is also a professional networker.

Our team of proven professionals successfully running investment projects.
We find an effective and the most optimal solution for each order.

Our company deals with concierge service, which today is a luxury and commercial service, addressed to individuals, companies and institutions.
The scope of work of a modern concierge is unlimited, it can be reduced to several main thematic groups.

We invite you to get to know the service offer


for sectors:

  • Families
  • Home
  • Business
  • Offices
  • Tourism
  • Foreigners


to the customer:

  • We take care of the client in a professional and discreet way
  • We propose innovative solutions
  • We offer after-sales service.
  • We rely on experience and expertise
  • We build an atmosphere of mutual trust between the client and us

Efficiency and affordable prices allow us to expand our range of services with each order, developing customer awareness.

Our mission


Our vision is to connect businesses, build contacts between enterprises, according to the concept of clustering, networking, facilitating communication, spreading technological knowledge through technical consulting and implementing innovative design solutions and devices for environmental protection.

Our experience and intuition make it possible
meet the expectations of our customers.


Our vision is to meet the requirements of people in their private needs and challenges, when they need it most.
We work in an atmosphere of acceptance and lack of racism,
We spread knowledge about other nationalities,
We raise intercultural awareness.

Based on competence, we provide services with passion
and in an atmosphere of trust.