Ask, tell us what you need – we will hurry with the solution…

We treat each client individually and here is a place for your daily needs, questions, organization of the day. Your ordinary and extraordinary needs.

Example: One of the clients had a wish to adopt a dog from a shelter, and after the end of the contract in Poland, transfer it to another place of work – to Malaysia.
Example: An English-speaking client needed a personal assistant/interpreter during visits to an ophthalmologist, beautician, dermatologist.
Example: we urgently offered refreshing dreadlocks for our client.

Feeling overwhelmed by the week? Can you specify why that is? Are these your ambitious goals? Is that your very long to-do list? “take small steps”. Set high-intensity goals and create these lists, call the Home Assistant to take care of your home’s daily needs. We offer the so-called an extra hand at home.

Example: we organized a daily dog walk for a month for another Vips.
Example: we set up regular cleaning with Raypath’s eco-friendly cleaning system, using only water, no need for chemicals.
A crash course in traditional cheesecake baking for our African VIPS client
Help in dressing the walls in beautiful wallpapers chosen by the client
Professional advice and design by a professional interior designer

In this area, we offer services for individual clients and representatives of companies, including foreigners who want to get to know Polish culture and the environment they live in:

Table reservations in selected proven restaurants • cafes & pubs or Tri-City clubs.
Cultural experiences.
Sightseeing and hiking around selected corners.
Price offer depending on the tourist season provided when booking.

We organize tourist trips tailored to the season and your preferences.

These are leisure trips, for individuals and for couples,
for groups and insentive company trips to the Caribbean island of JAMAICA. Sunny journeys into yourself.
Suggestion of individual expedition programs:
music, trekking, diving, yoga, relaxation and others.

The price will be presented in an individual agreed offer according to the Customer’s needs.

In cooperation with proven and professional beauty salons, hairdressers, Day SPA and beauty salons

we invite you to the screenings of BEAUTY SPA services, manicure, pedicure, classic and exotic hairdresser, massages, SPA for children or inspiring floating for stressed people. Fashion & style boutique 24h with a show-room for ladies and gentlemen.
Possibility of styling and shopping in one place.
We also offer individual corsetry and tailoring services.
A shopping companion is an advisor – a stylist for men.
Additionally available Shopping Assistant – also English-speaking service.

We invite you to sessions of selection, styling and purchase of jewelry

• artistic and custom-made handicrafts

PIERRE LANG jewelry is designed with great care and love for detail, and its production is 80% handmade.
This is beautiful, unique designer jewelry of the highest quality straight from Vienna.

Almost 100 pairs of skillful hands of the company’s employees work on the creation of each article. This jewelry is made of carefully refined materials and is 100% free from the allergen nickel. State-of-the-art technologies and 80% handicrafts – this is why PIERRE LANG jewelery is so unique. Each PIERRE LANG collection impresses with its diversity. The countless possibilities of combining articles guarantee that the personality and beauty of each woman will be additionally emphasized.

PIERRE LANG’s fantastic jewelery gives every outfit its final shape and leaves an indelible impression.

Individual access to the client.

Delivery on site or on special orders.

It is difficult to predict what we will need most in an emergency.

Otherwise it wouldn’t be sudden! We rise to the occasion in providing everyday and super unexpected services. In cooperation with our team, we usually find a solution.
Cases of printing documents after midnight when the printer went out,
urgent home visit by an English-speaking doctor,
car repair,
transporting a passenger from point A to B over a distance of 200 km in the middle of the night.. that’s what we have on our account. We will try to find a solution for your urgent case as well.

However, we wish you as many planned attractions as possible and as few unexpected cases as possible. ?

We help foreigners who came to Poland to settle all formalities related to their stay in a new country.

Comprehensive relocation, accommodation and acclimatization service.
Including foreign soldiers serving in Poland.
Due to the strong racial and “different” prejudices of our compatriots, we try to help in establishing local relations with other foreigners, we partner and accompany our newly met friends.
As part of getting to know a new country and culture, we offer the following sample orientation tours,
Showing interesting and interesting places in the city and its vicinity with the possibility of spending time actively, chatting together in a pub or restaurant, informative about life in Poland, guide – instructions on getting around and living. And other individual arrangements.
According to individual arrangements, pick-up from the airport by our transport, transfer to the hotel or apartment,
We offer assistance in hiring a moving company and transporting personal belongings and movables to Poland, assistance in renting an apartment.
(presentation of several possible places to live, joint viewing of apartments for rent, legal assistance).

Relocation package for foreigners
IN relocation package

From 3000 PLN

Additional services by individual arrangements

OUT relocation package

From 30-40% of the value of the items of equipment sold

Additional services by individual arrangements