Ask, tell what you need - we'll hurry with the solution ...

Each client is treated individually and there is a place for your daily needs, questions, organizations of the day. Ordinary and extraordinary needs ...
In our experience was the case that the client wanted to adopt a dog from the hostel, and after finishing the contract in Poland to transfer him to another place of work - to Malaysia ...


We are currently offering a cleaning service by New Cleaning Technology

An ecological cleaning system, using only water, without the need for chemicals. The unique properties result from the construction of the pads. Microfiber pads structure is similar to that of human hair, the profile of which is a groove into which penetrate dirt, focus and move inside the cleaned material. Silver nanoparticles introduced into the fibers have distinct bacteriostatic properties.


New Cleaning Technique is primarily:

- Health care - We do not use harmful chemicals, only health-neutral

- Convenience, saving time and energy - Cleaning is 50-70% faster and easier than the traditional way. In addition, cleaned surface is less susceptible to dirt, cleaning is more effective.

- Saving money - a one-off investment in cleaners is long-term, their life span is several to several years. Saving on cold water because its temperature has no effect on the effectiveness of the cleaners.

- Protecting the environment - A new cleaning technique is a unique way to avoid the daily release of huge amounts of chemicals into our environment, thus protecting our ecosystem.


Cooperation and Services:

- a two-hour show information and training on their own individual surfaces - free of charge. Assistantship in the course of use. Consultations.


Cleaning service offer:

- EKO STANDARD price 30 PLN / h plus travel,
- EKO MAX cleaning after repairs price depends on surface / dirt / + access,
- EKO Xmas Christmas cleaning price 45 PLN / h plus travel,
- EKO window – cleaning of windows price 30 PLN / h plus access.




We offer services:

- Reservations table in selected restaurants or clubs tested Tri-City. Offers customized according to your tastes.

- Apartament Gdańsk is located in the beautiful Old Town of Gdansk, right by the marina. Unlike many other hotels, here you can be with your whole family or a group of friends. You can prepare your own meals in the well-equipped kitchen or you can go out and take advantage of the many cafes and restaurants in town.

The apartment has a non-smoking section

Available in two-level apartment including a large living room on both evenings and a common dining room.


• free WIFI
• flat screen TV
• 2 bedrooms / 6 beds
• fully equipped kitchen

• public transport
• shopping
• cultural experiences
• restaurants & cafes & pubs


Offer price depending on the tourist season given when booking.


We organize tourist expedition

Holiday for single people and couples

To the Caribbean islands: JAMAICA and ANGUILLA

Sunny travels into yourself.

The proposal of individual programs expeditions:

music, diving, yoga, relax and others

The price will be presented in the individual offer according

to the customer's needs.

For more details please visit


In co-operation with proven and professional beauty salons, hairdressers, Day SPA and beauty salons

welcome to use the services BEAUTY SPA, Manicure, pedicure, classic and exotic hairdresser, massages, children's spa or inspirational floating for stressed out.
Fashion & style boutique 24h with show-room for ladies and gentlemen. Possibility of styling and shopping in one place.

We also offer personalized services corsetry, tailoring.
Additionally available Shopping Assistant - including English-language service.



Enjoy a selection of sessions, styling and purchase jewellry - PIERRE LANG brand

Individual departure to the customer. Delivery on site or at special orders up to 7 days.

This is a beautiful unique designer jewellry of the highest quality directly from Vienna. PIERRE LANG jewellry is designed with great attention and love to detail, and its production is 80% handmade.

There are nearly 100 pairs of skilful hands of our employees working on each article.

Our jewellery is made from carefully refined materials and 100% free of allergen which is nickel.

State-of-the-art technologies and 80% of handicraft - that's why

PIERRE LANG jewellre is so unique.

Each collection of PIERRE LANG impresses with its variety.

Countless possibilities to combine articles guarantee that the personality and beauty of each woman will be further emphasized.

Fantastic jewellry PIERRE LANG gives every creation the ultimate shape and leaves an indelible impression.



It is difficult to predict what will happen to us
in an emergency.

It would not be sudden. We are up to the task of serving the daily and super unexpected.
In cooperation with our team usually we find a solution.
Cases like printing documents after midnight, an urgent home visit English-speaking doctor, repair of cars, passenger transportation from point A to B over a distance of 200km in the middle of the night .. we are having them on own account.

We will also try to find a solution for your urgent matter.


We help foreigners who have come to Poland
to arrange all formalities related to their stay
in the new country.

Comprehensive service, permits, work permits, stay, relocation, accomodation and acclimatization.

Due to the strong racial prejudice and "inequality" of our countrymen we try to help establish local relationships with other foreigners,
we partner and accompany our new acquaintances.

We offer assistance in renting a moving company and transporting personal belongings and movables to Poland, help in renting a flat.

As part of our new country and culture, we offer the following sample orientation tours, tailor-made: Pick up from the airport by our transport, transfer to a hotel or apartment, present several possible locations for accommodation, and share accommodation for rent.

Show exciting and interesting places in the city and in the area with the possibility of spending your time actively,
shared chat in a pub or restaurant information about life in Poland,
the guide - instruction on the movement and life. And other individual arrangements.

Relocation package for foreigners

relocation package INod 1000 - 2000 PLNAdditional services by individual arrangements
relocation package OUT30-40% of the value of sold itemsAdditional services by individual arrangements


spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

Aleksandra Dulina 1/15 Street
80-180 Gdańsk

Working hours

MON - FRI 9am – 5pm

In important matters please call beyond these hours of work.