Organization of various types of events:

- B u s i n e s s
- S o c i a l
- E n t e r t a i n m e n t
- S p o r t
- P r o m o t i o n a l
- N e t w o r k i n g
- I n t e r v i e w s
- E l i t e o r g a n c o n c e r t s
and many more.


The need a virtual assistant for quick tasks?


Unexpected lack of employee resources with increased tasks?
Our industry assistant will help you develop a technical and commercial offer for the tender.
The limit determines your professional needs.


The need for accounting advice or consulting a solicitor


we help in organizing meetings with reliable partners
at a convenient time.

Trójmiasto i okolice asystentka biznesowa

he devices offered by us are used in pressure sewage systems, in industrial, water and chemical installations, water distribution installations, in sewage treatment plants and in waste utilization.

GRP construction elements
(fiberglass combined with resin)

Manufacturer's website
> grating gratings
> profiles and handrails
stair steps
straight ladders and a protective basket



- Offer for individuals and groups
- Document translations
- Assistance during meetings, business talks and trainings
- Support in English, Russian, Italian, Arabic
- Cooperation with native speakers


Do you have creative passions or want to develop in one of the artistic arts?


- We will propose a range of workshops:
- plastic
- music
- dance
- photographic
- You are looking for a unique gift for someone with a unique taste.


In cooperation packages, we propose:


Affiliate programs

Recording of contracts

A business representative

MatchMaker of investors

Arrangement of business meetings


With passion for beautiful cars and the need to move quickly


- Transport by luxury hammer with sofas and shoulder inside the car,
- Transport an elegant taxi to the place of your destination,
- Traditional transports by private comfortable bus,
- For fans of old school cars, we have an offer of musical, optical and mechanical tuning, so that your "mechanical steed" is at the maximum personalized!
- We provide detailing and cosmetics services for cars and yachts, with access to the customer.