Let me tell you what happened to me recently.

Recently I was contacted via my website VIPS CONCIERGE by a gentleman, who organizes organ concerts in the church. Sounds puzzling. He plays for the elite guys. Those who are bored with bungee jumping without bungee and with a parachute. I was interested in this idea and asked for a meeting and a “test” to find out how such an event takes place. The cost of the concert was about PLN 1000, so I have to touch it and check it personally before I start recommending it to my Clients.

Appointed date: Monday, March 20, 2017, 9:00 p.m., indicated church on the hill. I am the first to try new things in my family and I really wanted to bring all my loved ones with me, considering it a great experience and opportunity.

– „I? Nooooo.” – is the answer of a 12-year-old son.

– „Me? Never.” – answered Victor my partner, R’n’B and RAP music, he raps on his own Freestyles, he writes the lyrics himself.

– „No, no, come on, Alka, it’s late and you will still drive me back after the night. I don’t want charge you too much. Have fun!”- this is my mom.

“Alychka, I’d love to, but I’m too sleepy.” I’m falling down.” – my dad after a 24-hour shift at work.

Well, I am very curious and I have already promised a meeting, everything has been confirmed.

I’m going!

I reached the place by car after 40 minutes, having found the indicated sacred object without any problems. Beautiful, modern, but with my favorite type of huge gates, wooden and delicately carved in geometric patterns, ending in an arch at the top of the great door.

I approached them with verve … but they turned out to be closed. It crossed my mind that maybe it’s a hoax, and I’m alone, I’m supposed to meet a stranger … hmmmm. Without thinking for a long time, I called the mobile and was invited from the other side of the building through a similar, but much larger door. (I usually go from the back to scout around ? ).

The evening wind ruffled my curls and, to my amusement, did not leave my virtuoso with a longer “Wodecki” type hairstyle uncombed. We were greeted with a professional handshake and went inside. Mr. T. locked the gate with a comment – „I will make you feel safe”.

??!!! you know what went through my head?!

He gallantly led me to the chosen place among the benches, pointing to the chosen place.

“You’ll be warm here.” – he said with a smile – a farelka worked quietly under the bench.

I also sat my good buttocks on a wooden bench, it was wonderfully warm. Mr. T., explaining little, said – „I’m going upstairs now. After the first part, after the end of the concert, I’ll come here for you.”

In the distance, I heard the steps of the organist artist’s climbing higher and higher on the pulpit with a huge pipe instrument.

I was alone at the bottom of the church. The artist was preparing to start the concert, and I scanned the dark interior of the church. It was very quiet.

Me, only me in the church in one of the middle pews.

At first, only darkness and tiny candles in red lanterns swayed slightly.

I could see several small windows in the ceiling through which the coming night was peering in, looking for me. To the right of the altar, to my left, something moved in the corner. Barely visible arch in the wall and someone is standing there! The two male figures… began to move slightly. Ooooohhh

No, it’s just the impression created by the ever more daring candle flames. But I looked at it many more times to make sure they weren’t moving in my direction. On my right side, the gold-decorated halos of saints and the one above the statue of Jesus. In the middle above the altar hangs a huge cross with a circle in the central part of the joint. Through an amazing play of shadows and lights, he imagined huge black eyes in the face of the Alien.


Ok, I’m still here alone, no one in sight. The first note sounded.

„We are starting an elite organ concert for Mrs Concierge Alicja” – I thought – Elite dedicated one-off. But great!

There was a thunderstorm and cavalcades of thunder in the clear sounds of this huge organ. A bit too loud. Very sacred. Hard.

“A whole hour?” I thought. – Oh JAH!

The concert started in earnest beautiful sounds, lots of tones, emotions and fun.

I recognized some of the songs, others are unknown to me up to this day.

But it’s not about names, but about feelings, experiencing something different and so wonderful.

Sitting so engrossed, the shock that I was the only listener of this beautiful music, apart from the virtuoso, slowly subsided, giving way to joy, fascination, and listening. After the fourth or fifth song in a row … a miracle happened … millions of pearls, drops, fireflies were scattered in the universe and danced around me and in all this sacred space. I couldn’t keep up and admire, I even lay down along the bench, on my back, of course, remembering about the heating center with a farell heater, and admired … the vault … the sky … sparks …. souls… I won’t say anything more about it – I leave a surprise for the next listeners to discover.

The concert was also intertwined with the sounds of electronic music from the CD perfectly woven into the whole arrangement of the songs.

It put me in such a state of joy that my body started to dance and twitch, and my arms broke out to conduct :0 hahaha so it may be funny to imagine it, but I felt the uninhibited freedom and happiness that only live music can give to the listener.

A dozen or so songs faded away, each played with celebration. After each mysterious SILENCE and thought .. will there be another track? After a few seconds of pause, the next track would always come on. There was also one that for me is very personal … Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria” … resounded delicately, wistfully and sweetly and touched a chord deeply hidden in me.

I found an equally beautiful game on youtube, here’s the link for those interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuDHTfNYXpE

There were a lot of songs, I don’t remember how many, but not to exhaustion. Mr. T is a professional. It entertains, massages with sounds and does not tire with music. The final song sounded strong, majestically closing this part of the concert. I remember the chords from the movie “Once Upon a Time”… That is Johann Sebastian Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor (BWV 565). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DquxPwY91MI

In the rain of Bach sounds, the figures in the left part of the nave seemed to move slightly again… A nice successful brace ended the first part of the performance. There was a long silence…………………… the dead notes literally fell from the ceiling to the floor of the church.

Beautifully …

The sound of footsteps on the stairs, were getting closer. In silence I got up and followed my guide in this adventure upstairs, to touch, to give thanks, to see the monumental instrument that produced so many wonderful sounds … for me. Only for me, because it turned out that for the first time Mr. T. played a concert for only one listener. Great!

Drinking tea we talked about notes, impressions, Mr. T talked about organs, buttons, pedals, notes, keys, principles of operation and why a specific sound comes out of such a pipe and a different shape sounds differently. I was also able to express myself musically. We had a concert together.


Mr. T. on a huge organ pipes and me on an electronic harp. Listen, I couldn’t finish playing create swiping fingers composing my own feelings. I had to force them away from the tablet screen. Hahaha I’m kidding. But it was great to co-create with another musician. During the conversation, I admired the organ very closely, touching the various pipes. I didn’t add that the lights were also playing. During the concert, the organ was illuminated with colored light bulbs. I also looked into the “lungs” of the organ, getting to know this indomitable power driving the air into the instrument. Very interesting. I climbed the ladder to take a closer look.

As an extra encore, I received the last piece from Mr. T., standing on the upper gallery of the church and watching the pipes from a bird’s eye view of my nosy two shadows in the corner of the church.

A different perspective, an unforgettable experience. We ended this unusual meeting with a chat, walked down the stairs and after saying goodbye I went to the car.

On the way back, I still carried the sounds inside me. Delighted, revealing lookto the stars above me.

If I aroused your curiosity – I invite you to this amazing excitement of music.

Please contact me immidiately.