If you value your time this dedicated offer is perfect for you.

VIPS CONCIERGE - your business and personal concierge, the professional networker.

We cooperate with a reliable team of professionals, successfully leading investment projects.
We find the most efficient and optimal solution for a given problem ordered by our customers.

Our company provides Concierge services today being commercial, addressed

for individuals, companies and institutions.
The scope of work of the modern concierge is unlimited, but you can bring it
to several major thematic groups of services.

We invite you to know the services sectors.


We are looking for the best solutions for:

• Families
• House
• Business
• Offices
• Tourism
• Foreigners

In a professional way we celebrate the custody of the Customer

We sell innovative solutions.
We offer after-sales service.
we rely on the experience and expertise.

Step by step we are building an atmosphere of mutual trust between us and the customer.

This individual approach to the customer, effectiveness and affordable prices makes with every order we develop our range of services, ensuring awareness of customers.

Our mission


Our mission is to connect businesses, building contacts between companies, facilitate communication and at promoting technological knowledge by technical consulting ad. implementation of innovative design solutions and equipment for environmental protection.

Characterizing our experience and intuition allow us to meet our customers' expectations.


Our mission is to meet the demands of private individuals and foreigners whenever they need it most.

At the same time spreading the idea of acceptance, the absence of racism,
knowledge of other nationalities, raising intercultural awareness and provision of services of personal assistant.

We offer concierge based on competence, integrity, trust and discretion.

We provide access to what is exclusive and hard to reach.
Our work is with deep passion and pride to stay ahead of your expectations, not just meet them.


Extensive experience and the cooperation with our customers has resulted in a number of successful and lasting relationships.

Our customers stay with us because they know that the most important thing in business is common trust. We are trusted by dozens of clients.

  • “Giving thanks to VIPS CONCIERGE for helping me to find and organize appointment in private afro-salon with unconventional hairdresser in 3city. They styled my cornrows on whole head.This is very unique service in Poland. Its solved my problem. I can recommend this company as a reliable partner.

    Victor, Anguilla, 35years old”

  • “I appreciate help form company VIPS CONCIERGE and thank for an assistance to arrange and counseling in the subject terms and assumptions business company for me as a foreigner in Poland.As well as for assistance in preparing the graphic logo and business cards.

    El-Sayed, Egipt, 40years old”

  • “Enormously thanks to You VIPS CONCIERGE for the ability to print at night about 23:48 urgent business documents which were needed for the next day for a business meeting.It was an emergency breakdown of equipment.You can always count on their helpand commitment, even in emergency situations.

    Hossam, Algier, 42years old”

  • “Thanks to knowing company VIPS CONCERGE In my urgent matter – health problem they helped me and organized home visit of english speaking doctor. Thank you for help very much.

    Eti, India, 38years old”

  • “In my case, cooperation with the VIPS CONCIERGE is super fast assistance in preparation of the sign company logo, website and the assumption business activity. I am Kenian hairdresser. Thanks.

    Sheila, Kenia, 43years old”